Customer education around the problems with the corona virus

Dear customer, the novel coronavirus is spreading further north The authorities are trying to slow down the process. These measures affect us all. Be it by acting in solidarity in private with the avoidance of as many social contacts as possible, or in the professional sphere, where the measures taken by the authorities lead to supply bottlenecks and/or loss of sales

Furthermore, the nationwide closures of schools or day-care centres will become a great challenge and burden for all employees and employers. How this chain of extraordinary and unique measures will affect each and every one of us cannot yet be estimated or guessed. What is certain, however, is that we may all be facing major challenges.

With this in mind, we would like to give you information on how we, as an important partner in maintaining infrastructure in the context of services of general interest, deal with these circumstances.

We belong to those companies whose performance is absolutely necessary, as otherwise the necessary infrastructure for maintaining the orderly daily necessary processes cannot be guaranteed.

We have motivated employees who want to help you and all those affected. At the same time, we also bear a great responsibility for our employees and their families, which we want to live up to.

HUMANS FOR YOU contained in the logo.

We try to maintain our readiness for action in the best possible way by also providing solutions for our employees, such as childcare if they cannot have their children cared for by emergency facilities.

We continuously inform our employees about necessary protective measures so that their own protection and the protection of the general public, especially our customers, is guaranteed in the best possible way. Our limitation lies in the procurement possibilities (e.g. additional protective equipment)

However, the procurement of these things turns out to be difficult, since they are often not available. So please do not be alarmed if we appear in protective clothing and our work execute.

We do not want to endanger you and neither do our employees, therefore we would like to keep a generous distance to people, please understand, this is in your and our interest.

Make the necessary personal contact as little as possible and limit it to the absolutely necessary.

We have given internal instructions to maintain only the most necessary contacts in the company, no meetings, no gathering of employees.

We work from home office if possible, so some things might take a little longer.

In the course of general and now extremely necessary solidarity, we will pay the invoices of our suppliers that we receive as soon as possible; we ask you to do the same with our invoices. Should this not be possible for you, for whatever reason, please inform us in good time and directly!

If we should be forced to collect cash in some cases, we ask for your understanding. We will inform you accordingly when accepting the order. In individual cases, the fitter can also clarify this before the work begins. If there is no agreement with you, we will unfortunately not be able to carry out the work.

Delays may occur in the course of the work and the processing of the necessary orders. Please understand that this may result in staff not being available in the usual number.

Stay healthy!


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