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What you as the operator should know

As the operator of a grease separator system, you are obliged in accordance with the guideline for the operation and monitoring of grease separator systems in conjunction with DIN 4040-100 (separator systems for grease) to meet the following requirements:

Demands on you

Regular emptying and cleaning of the system by competent personnel including proper disposal of the grease separator contents
Keeping an operating logbook with all necessary proof of emptying/cleaning, disposal and maintenance
Performance of the general inspection/leak test according to DIN 4040/100 every 5 years by an approved expert
Checking the functioning of the separator system
Annual visual inspection of the grease separator by an expert according to the self-control regulation

What we can do for you

Grease separator emptying and cleaning by competent personnel and our combined suction and rinsing vehicles
As a certified specialist disposal company, we ensure the environmentally friendly and legally compliant disposal of residues from grease separators in accordance with DIN 4040-100
High-pressure cleaning of the grease separators and regular cleaning of the grease-bearing pipes
Refill your grease trap with fresh water or cause it to refill
Inspection of grease separator systems according to the self-control regulation of the federal states (annually) by competent personnel
General inspection including leak test every 5 years by our expert specialists

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Talk to us. We will advise you free of charge and without any obligation and create a tailor-made disposal concept for you. We are convinced that we can offer you the optimal solution for your grease separator emptying. Take advantage of our commitment and experience as a certified specialist disposal company. Around 2,500 customers with a total of 21,000 m³ of grease separator contents trust our specialists

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