Pipe cleaning & sewer cleaning

Our 24-hour emergency service for pipe cleaning and pipe clogging offers uncomplicated immediate help when your toilet, shower, sink or any other
Drainage is clogged. Even if the sewage is already up to your neck, you can still rely on our emergency service

Hotline 0451 / 8 999 333

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Pipe cleaning & sewer cleaning

We have the right special tool for every application, with which, when used by trained personnel, almost any blockage can be dealt with. High-tech equipment such as high-pressure flushing vehicles with a capacity of up to 160 bar and 148 litres per minute are just as much a part of the ExRohr standard as proven electromechanical pipe cleaning machines. We counter minor blockages with conventional nozzles. We also tackle tree roots, concrete, building rubble, stubborn deposits and heavy silting with root cutters, rotary nozzles, chain spinners and flounders. Every day we are in action for you - at local authorities, cities, commercial enterprises and private customers. Beyond the pure removal of blockages, we clean sewers up to DN 2000 as well as shafts and various structures.
>>br> A team of trained sewer cleaning specialists works with vehicles with a suction volume of up to 18 m³ and a flushing capacity of up to 200 bar and 400 litres per minute. We deal with concrete deposits as well as stubborn deposits, heavy silting, building rubble or strong roots. We use conventional nozzles and milling machines, including rotary nozzles, clearing nozzles, root cutters, chain spinners and PAIKERT milling machines.
>>br> A total of 80 vehicles are in daily use in the field of pipe and sewer cleaning, including high-pressure rinsing vehicles, combined suction and rinsing vehicles, some with water recovery technology, and suction vehicles

Pipe location

To locate a damaged point in the sewer system, the affected pipe must be located. With our pipe locating system, punctual damage can be tracked down exactly. To make this possible, a radio transmitter is inserted into the pipe system and the position above ground is determined with the help of a radio receiver

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