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In addition to self-propelled cameras for normal pipeline inspection, our vehicles are also equipped with satellite cameras, which can be used to inspect connecting sewers and drainage pipes from the main sewer
Push cameras complete the equipment. This enables us to completely inspect piping systems, some of which have multiple branches

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After the work has been completed, you will receive the documentation of the inspection, consisting of a data carrier with playback software, the inspection reports with photos as paper printouts and a pipe plan with a true-to-scale image of the pipeline system. On request, the recorded condition data can be adapted to the format required for your sewer database. Of course ExRohr also has explosion-protected TV systems for use on landfills or in explosion-endangered pipelines

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Natürlich verfügt ExRohr auch über explosionsgeschützte TV-Anlagen zum Einsatz auf Deponien oder in explosionsgefährdeten Leitungen.

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